This site came about because of the community  /r/pipetobacco on reddit.  Many new pipe smokers requested an “easy” button on some sample tobaccos, and pipes that would make for a good starter kit to ease into the world of pipe smoking.  While there are many starter kits out there, most are heavily aromatic in larger quantities of tobacco than people wanted and have high shipping prices.  So with the communities input we selected a great set of tobaccos that span a really good cross section of tobaccos from English, to Virginians to Burleys to Aromatics.   Next we selected a couple different pipe-kit options from a standard corn cob pipe to great restored quality briars and tampers created by community members and packaged them up into the separate kits you’ll find on this site.  This is indeed a community effort and because of that the prices are downright amazing and include free shipping!